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Hey there!

My name is Michael Weidemann, and my story starts in this little valley pictured above. My parents were married in the chapel you’ll find if you drive through Yosemite Valley. As a kid, my dad would fly us out every summer to show me the waterfalls he explored at my age, told stories of bears and solo hikes as we would relax in the Wawona Hotel, and he even took me into his old dark room in Yosemite where I developed my first roll of film.

Naturally, despite all the warnings my dad gave about following in his footsteps, here I am with a camera earning my way by telling amazing stories of couples around the world.

Why weddings? I’m curious by nature and you’ll find that I do all types of photography for my personal creativity sake. But weddings always will be the most special piece to me. I’m in constant amazement how life can be so beautiful, if you consider how precious each moment is, how infinite those little moments can be, and then think about how they all intersect and intertwine to form these stories; it’s breathtaking. And weddings are this big collision of two stories that explode into this amazing new story.

My first wedding was in Lisbon, Portugal. I didn’t understand the Portuguese that was being spoken, I learned so many new customs for wedding days that I was clueless about coming from the Midwest, but it was pure magic. Fast forward almost seven years and I’ve seen weddings of all kinds, from Mexico to the Canary Islands, and all around the United States. From mountain top elopements to Catholic Cathedrals, Vietnamese Tea Ceremonies to Persian Weddings; I’ve gotten to experience and learn so much more than I ever would’ve imagined if it weren’t for my silly little camera.

Why hire me? There’s a ton of super talented photographers, a lot of who I get to call friends. What couples that I’ve worked have shared, and noticed, is that my attitude is what stands me a part. You’re going to get stellar photos with probably everyone you’re looking at. But my goal for wedding days is two-fold. First, I want to capture those small moments. The ones that constantly happen in between the coordinated and scheduled pieces of your wedding day. Those candid laughs, off guard smiles, and unplanned moments are what I try to fill my wedding galleries with. But besides that, I also want you to be as relaxed and in the moment as possible during the wedding day. Let’s face it, wedding days can be stressful. But those are my favorite situations, not because I love the hype, but I love helping keep people calm and focused. Something I 100% picked up in college as I’d lead group projects and presentations. Weddings should be something you soak in as the day unfolds, not something you have to worry about when the next scheduled item kicks off or if you’re behind schedule or not.

We’ll get along if you love the Office, dogs, traveling, a good cocktail, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Let’s geek out over passport stamps and gush over our fur babies. But most of all, I’m here and all ears to hear about your story of how you guys met, how did the proposal go down, and what your favorite memories are together! So expect a lot of questions and a stupid grin on my face when we sit down to go over your wedding day. Expect a lot of random and fun games to bring out natural emotions when it’s time for the actual photos (because posing is for yearbook photos). And most of all, expect to have someone dived in and invested in your story and that this new chapter is the best one yet!