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Hey there!

My name is Michael Weidemann and for the past three years I’ve been shooting weddings across the country. I’ve always called Oklahoma home, and have a deep love for this state. This year, I’ve rebranded Scissortail Stories to further share my love for my home. I love our natural landscape, the memories I’ve built exploring our public lands, and hoping to share that more with my work especially in weddings.

I grew up in Choctaw, Oklahoma and as I set off for college I got my first camera. I shot my first wedding while coaching a football team in Portugal, which led me down a crazy path. Eventually, I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Business + Non-Profit Management degree but found myself focusing in on my love for storytelling. After helping non-profits and organizations tell their stories with my camera, words, and designs; I leaned in to investing in couples in commemorating their big chapter in life.

I love film photography and that chase for timeless, raw moments fuels a lot of how I photograph weddings. I also have an obsession for the outdoors, adventure, conservation. I will always encourage my couples to take a bit of a drive to capture an absolutely amazing sunset for engagement photos and have even set up separate portrait sessions for couples the following day or week after their wedding so we can capture something breathtaking.

Besides photography, I’m usually on the road trying to find new places. From trails to coffee shops and local breweries, getting outside of my routine is very important to me. I also have a fur baby named Hendrix who usually is by my side.