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Michael Weidemann


Most likely to...

+ be listening to Kanye West

+be at a coffee shop 

+take random road trip


Hey there! If you're a couple looking for wedding photos, engagement photos,  or anniversary photos, you're most likely going to be working with me! When I started doing photography I took on any gig I could, but soon realized that it just makes more sense to hone in on what I'm super passionate about, and find people around me who are passionate about other fields of photography, and do my favorite thing ever: COLLABORATE!

I LOVE natural lighting, as you'll find most of my work revolves around that. Something about the way a sunset can light up the hairline, or how a perfectly placed shadow can give you all the mood you could ever want. Or maybe it's how light streams in when a BRIDE and GROOM kiss under the veil, all I know is I've been chasing natural light for over six years now with my cameras!

I ALSO LOVE candid moments! Yes, yes, I know how to pose and learned all those little tricks to make sure you're comfortable and the photos come across effortlessly, but I also love capturing the in-between laughs, smiles, and little moments that build up YOUR story. I love taking each project from a photojournalist perspective, working to capture your personality in each photo.


Want to connect?

If you're in OKC or Tulsa let's go grab a cup of coffee (or beer) and get to know each other! I have so many questions about your story, from where was your first date to who said "I love you" first! I LOVE stories of all kinds. And I'm sure you  have some questions about my own!

If you don't call Oklahoma home, let's set up a time to talk on the phone or FaceTime! 



Most likely to

+be listening to music with the hubby

+be jamming while driving, windows down of course

+be the best dressed


Photography is one of my favorite ways to capture beauty and emotion in life. I LOVE talking with clients and truly understanding who they are and how I can best represent their stories. I truly believe you don't need a photographer to make you look good, but a confidence to make you shine! I love creating an environment where my clients feel comfortable and confident. I want not only to capture confidence and beauty but encourage it in everyday life.

Besides second shooting with Michael at your wedding, I would love to help you capture your family's story with either a newborn, family, maternity, or senior session!

Additionally, if you're a realtor or business professional needing headshots, I would love to help you with that as well!


Want to Connect?

I would love to set up a time to talk with you! If you have an evening and want to grab a cup of coffee, or simply set up a time to talk on the phone, I'd love to hear about your vision for these photos and how we can let your personality shine through them!