Love in the Badlands


Ashley & Michael

Sunday my girlfriend and I drove the six hours from Oklahoma City to Quinter, KS. The hometown of Ashley, though a small one in the northern corner of the state, turns out to hold one of my favorite locations I've shot at! On a piece of private property, used to let cattle graze and surrounded by farmland, lies what is known as "Castle Rock". The chalk mounds, jutting out of the flat landscape, create an amazing backdrop to photograph against, lots of areas to explore, and a beautiful overlook for a gorgeous midwestern sunset.

Ashley and Michael were super sweet and welcoming! They were complete naturals in front of the camera, and we had so much fun driving around pot holes, up and down the hills, and exploring the area. Though overplayed by the local community, it was rare to see photographers there for them. It also happened to be the spot that Michael proposed to Ashley! The added sentiment for the spot made the session even more special.

Michael currently resides in Pennsylvania, and shortly after getting married next June, they'll be moving east together. After getting to work with them I cannot wait to see them celebrate with their families this coming summer, and continue pursuing their adventure together!