Jessica + Creighton

When I sat down with Jessica and Creighton at Gray Owl, a coffee shop in Norman, I could immediately tell this was going to be a special Engagement Session. From the tiniest details shown in how they tackled the process of steeping their tea together, to how they could make each other laugh so easily, this session was going to be a breeze at letting their love story show on camera.

Jessica was the one to suggest doing a shoot at Gray Owl. Since both are alumni and future alumni from the University of Oklahoma, the location served as a place to study but also an excuse to spend time with each other.

At a certain point in the shoot, I decided to try mimicking what I think we've all read on Facebook, where a Wedding Photographer who let the Groom whisper in the Bride's ear why she was the only woman he wanted to spend his life with. As I began hinting at the idea, Creighton immediately stopped me. "I know what you're talking about."

Jessica, slightly bewildered, followed the lead as Creighton brought her in close and begin telling her why he was in love with her.

Needless to say, everyone had to wipe their eyes as the emotion filled our little corner.

Next on our list was Guestroom Records, a store off Main St. where you could find almost any vinyl you'd want. Listening to vinyls in their homes was an important part of their love story, making Guestroom Records another spot that was special to them.

As they went through the rows of albums, it became clear they can make each other laugh just as easily as make each other cry from joy.

As we were leaving for our next location, I spotted a staircase in a nearby alley that I wanted to check out. We went over, and I suggested we try out a few shots there.

"We'd probably want to climb it and see what's up there, even if you hadn't suggested pictures."

Rickety, rusted iron staircases wouldn't deter the day, and the adventure continued.

Our next stop was the Lake Thunderbird Dam. Before going on the dam itself, we stopped by the dock. As we got our photos in, Jessica and Creighton were greeted and congratulated by families on their boats, and even got some unsolicited marriage advice.

As the photographer, it's always amazing to get to see so much of people's personalities on shoots like Engagement Sessions. Seeing them handle the uncomfortableness of an audience, and even the unwelcome marriage counseling, with so much grace was an incredible and challenging moment for me to be a part of.

Jessica & Creighton talked about wanting photos on the dam. I thought it was simply for the background view or maybe for the symmetry that the path created. As we were walking up there, they began talking about this being the spot of their first date.

After getting to know each other through mutual friends, Jessica told Creighton that she couldn't be interested because of the risk of ruining existing mutual friendships they had.
"I was persistent."

Eventually after beginning to hang out as friends, one night Creighton asked her if she wanted to go on a drive. They began driving down Highway 9, and ended up by the dam.

After walking down the path to look at the stars, they began dancing.

"This is where it all started."

Every session always turns out to be a special time. Each couple, family, and business has their unique personality that makes being behind the camera always new and exciting. Jessica and Creighton's Engagement Session was no different.

Chloe and I are both so excited to be there for their Wedding in September! Capturing their special day through stills and film will be just as an incredible experience as this session!