Life's Biggest Adventure


The word adventure has gotten overused. For me, when everything goes wrong – that’s when adventure starts. - Yvon Chouinard


So that was probably an intimidating quote to start with, regardless it's one of my personal favorites and one that came to mind when thinking about this incredible weekend.

No matter how romantic it is in the Notebook when a rainstorm crashes down on Noah and Allie, no one really dreams of having their wedding in the rain.


For Lina and Zack, not only did it rain in the middle of their ceremony; it rained on their wedding ceremony, on a beach, in Cancun.


The first weekend of September for Cancun held scattered thunderstorms and showers throughout. As storms and hurricanes form over the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific, these fronts clashed over the country of Mexico.


For so many friends of mine back home, these hurricanes are directly affecting their homes and communities. They are disruptive, just as they disrupted Zack and Lina's beautiful ceremony they had planned. Yet, when the rain came down on Lina as she began her vows, she laughed and smiled.

I'm paraphrasing the line, but I believe the vow she was reading when it happened was "our story is not the typical fairytale". The irony made us all laugh, but seeing their joy not dampened with the rain inspired everyone there.


After several Skype calls with Zack and Lina, Chloe and I knew beforehand they were an adventurous couple. We gawked over their plans to visit Iceland, and loved hearing their stories from that trip. But there's no way we could've known how adventurous they were, until we saw them continue their vows with smiles on their faces and love in their eyes, even as rains swept in on their wedding day.


We ended up celebrating that night, even after the reception was over, dancing away in fresh dry clothes. Despite the rain, no equipment was damaged, the photos still turned out great, and most importantly: the bride looked flawless. Not too many people could handle such a big rain on their parade, and even fewer could still make it look great.

+ But Zack and Lina showed us what it means to be adventurous and in love. +


To see more of Zack and Lina's weekend celebration, visit the link below!

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