Emily + Alex: Wedding

This last weekend, one of our photographers, Emily, said I do.


Chloe and I were ecstatic to not only be able to celebrate with her, but also capture the day for her and Alex Jones.


These two planned out an amazing day to celebrate their journey.
From the color palette to the pieces, their eye for minimalistic simplicity let the joy of their story shine through. The muted palette let their smiles and laughs be framed, and the simple, fun donut wall and snack bar at the reception let the focus remain on the celebration with their family and friends.


The ceremony and reception took place at the Harn Homestead, which features barns, homes, and a school from early 20th century Oklahoma as homesteaders planted their flags and began building what is now Oklahoma City. The rustic charm in the wooden barns and the whitewashed schoolhouse was a perfect backdrop for Emily and Alex's navy suit and eucalyptus bouquet!


This perfect September afternoon allowed for a beautiful ceremony outside the main barn at Harn Homestead. There, we witnessed a beautifully orchestrated ceremony that honored Alex and Emily's commitment to each other and their faith, as they start this new journey.


Like so much about the day, family and friends played a huge piece in their story. From the speeches given by their maid-of-honor Laura and best-man Spencer, it was clear Alex and Emily invest in their community. Seeing so many people arrive to pay their tribute to the couple was moving and special to be a part of.


Alex and Emily, we wish you a long life of happiness chasing adventures together! Thank you for letting us witness your big day and help share your story!


To see more of their big day, visit the link below!