Incredible Northwest Engagement Photo Session

I woke up at 5:00 AM in Portland to drive to pick up Tim and Lydia on a rainy Saturday morning to capture their Engagement Photos. After months of emails, phone calls, and Instagram messages; we were finally getting coffee and meeting in person! Hendrix, my puppy I took on the trip, took to Lydia right away, making sure she was giving him constant attention. Tim and I were able to geek out over film photography and we all loved talking about our adventures traveling.

These two have a passion for adventure, from their trips to Southeast Asia to living on a boat in the bay of Seattle. So after fueling up on coffee and pastries, we headed to Mount Hood to have some fun in the snow!

Arriving, we found a drove of cross country skiers, and people snowshoeing with their dogs. We strapped up our boots, even though mine was neither snow nor waterproof, and began hiking along the snow packed trail the skis and boots had made for us. We were told this lake was 3/4th of a mile hike, it turned out to be 3-4 miles. Hendrix loved the snowbanks and would dive in and out, keeping us on our toes as his leash was ready to make someone slip at any moment. We got to meet lots of other puppies and make loads of friends.

Finally, we found an off trail to the lake. The snow was suddenly much deeper, but that didn't stop us from diving in. We explored the dark mysterious forest surrounding the lake, the evergreens ready to drop their snow on us at any moment. When we finally reached the bank of the lake, we found it completely frozen over. But, we were fortunate the rain stopped and it was clearing up to see the surrounding mountains, even if Mount Hood was hidden in clouds.

We walked around and found a quiet dock. We made some friends who gave us some granola to feed birds. We let Hendrix roam and took turns with our cameras. It was just warm enough to enjoy an incredible afternoon in this winter wonderland!

After a break on the way back to Portland at an amazing burger joint, we ended up at a plant shop in downtown Portland. After exploring the greenhouse in the back, we finished our time at a nearby wine + whiskey bar and finished the day with a much needed drink.

Tim & Lydia were so much fun to spend the day with, I can't wait to be back in August to capture their "I do's"!