Prairie Charm Wedding

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Michael + Ashley 

We woke up early on a Saturday morning, and by early I mean 2:00 AM to drive the six hours to Western Kansas. Seeing the sun rise over the fields and geological formations that border the interstate welcomed us into our new adventure. After getting lost on dirt backroads, we found our way to the home of Ashley's family. A tent was being raised and all sorts of people bustling around. Yep, this is the right place.

After their engagement session we knew that Western Kansas had so many surprises, and thankfully cooler weather was one of them. Expecting a blistering hot day, we were blessed with bearable weather. Ashley and her bridesmaids were getting ready in a nearby RV while Michael and his guys somehow ended up with the house. After quick detail shots we got them ready for their first look!

The joy that spread across Michael's face as he turned to see his soon-to-be bride was contagious. These two were so in love and it was amazing getting to celebrate with them! After some portraits and wedding party photos we got ready for the ceremony.

After I-do's and first kisses as man and wife, the reception was held in their nearby barn. It was amazing to see the outpouring of support from the community, but the most touching moment was hearing that this farming family decided to not grow wheat that year so they could be ready for their daughter's wedding. That amount of sacrifice was huge, I can't imagine how hard it must be to say no to a portion of weddings in any year. But you could tell how excited they were for Ashley and Michael, and all that love and planning was clear in their day.

It was a beautiful day and we absolutely loved their confetti exit! It was picture perfect and so much fun. After running through we asked them to kiss, but they were too busy trying to breath after inhaling what was sure to be pounds of that paper. As they drove of to cheering friends and family we started to pack up, once again amazed by how much magic a tiny little town in Western Kansas had to offer.