Bohemian Washington State Pacific Northwest Island Wedding

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Tim & Lydia

Last August I was able to rejoin my friends Tim and Lydia on Vashon Island, just outside Seattle in the Pudgent Sound to capture their stunning wedding day!

Taking place in the family home of Lydia, the family build the stunning house which was tucked away in the middle of towering trees and beautiful ferns everywhere.

Getting ready at a nearby Airbnb, Tim and his guys finished getting ready while Lydia got ready at the home. Doing their first look at the dock was incredible, the weather was perfect, and it was an artistic dream for me coming from the Midwest.

We regrouped with the family and wedding party at a nearby beach, and then came time for the ceremony.

The ceremony was special in every way, from paying tribute to Lydia’s dad’s legacy on their story to having Tim’s sister contribute a reading and song. Seeing the family tied in so tightly to their story and wedding day was so special to capture! My favorite memory was in the middle of the reception pulling them away to photograph them with Lydia’s father’s VW Bus that was parked nearby. Being able to tie his memory in with their wedding day in that tangible way will resonate with me for the rest of my life.

It’s always such an honor to capture weddings, but this one was super special! Their spirit for adventure, from traveling and backpacking around the world to living in tiny homes and out of sailboats, hit a chord with me and I knew since meeting them for our engagement session at Mount Hood these two would have such a special wedding day!