Dreamy Southwest Bohemian Desert Shoot

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Kyla & Ryan - Arizona Couple’s Session

Traveling for photography means getting to meet a lot of amazing couples across the country, but even better is having them show you spots that you’d never know about. I’ve visited Phoenix plenty of times, but when they suggested Cave Creek, it was an area I never heard of. We met and they drove over to a creek, which was on a land trust next to some houses. Would’ve never noticed it driving by. We got out and walked down a little trail to some of the most amazing areas I’ve seen so far.

Ryan is a local photographer and Kyla has gotten into modeling, so working with them was a blast getting to share stories back and forth and have that area to relate to as we chatted away. We had so much fun getting to climb on rock and dip our feet into the creek to get these photos. Overall, one of my absolute favorite shoots!