Downtown Phoenix Couple's Session

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Alex & Laree

While in Phoenix I got to meet with a local Oklahoman & photographer Laree Green with her fiance Alex in Phoenix for some photos! We went to a pretty famous park, right by the Phoenix zoo, that is surrounded by mountains and full of cactus and palm trees. We made the quick climb up to Hole in the Rock and then walked around the park as the sun set. I have to say, I’m pretty partial to Oklahoma sunsets, but Arizona has been giving it a run for its money this past week.

After the sun slipped past the horizon we went out for pretzel burgers and some cherry sours at a local restaurant. I had so much fun talking about photography and laughing over stories from past projects with them, as well as getting to hear more about going to college in Phoenix and what life in the desert was like.

These two helped make the perfect close to my stint in Phoenix for the week.


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