Dreamy San Fransisco In-Home Engagement Session

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Collette & Jared - Bay Area Engagements

My first time calling Collette and Jared from my apartment in Oklahoma we were discussing their spring-time wedding in Tecumseh, Oklahoma. They reside in San Fransisco, which makes the whole thing this beautifully random symphony of how we ended up meeting. During my latest road trip through the west coast, we were able to schedule in an Engagement session which was also going to be perfect so we could meet face-to-face before their big day.

They wanted an in-home session, which at first I thought was ironic because coming from Oklahoma, there were all these ideas I had of ocean sunsets or mountains or even the big Golden Gate Bridge. But, stepping into their home made it so evident why this was the perfect spot. These two began telling me about how they met and all about their travels. They began making ginger hot tea from a recipe they learned in Myanmar. They showed me their favorite books, their huge office that Collette does her art in and and Jared works. Their dogs were obviously a huge part of their lives and were so photogenic.

It was a blast getting to get a peek inside their lives when they’re not busy working. At the end of it we even got to walk to the nearby Golden Gate Park and they showed me their favorite restaurants in the neighborhood, their little laundry mat, and how much they love being in the area. Honestly, I couldn’t recommend an in-home enough even for engagements. When it comes time this month for these two to say “I Do”, I feel like I have such a better picture of their story I want to capture and I can’t wait to see how their wedding unfolds!