Collette & Jared Wedding

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Family Farm Wedding in Shawnee, OK

This was a crazy spring full of too much rain and storms. Leading up to Collette & Jared’s wedding day, I think I wasn’t the only one nervously watching the forecasts. But when it came time to photograph this beautiful wedding, like it always works out, it was absolutely perfect. Driving from Oklahoma City with my crew, we found each inch of back-roads leading to the family farm full of greenery and life. Plus, the little bit of cloud cover only helped make our jobs easier!

Having met Collette and Jared in their beautiful apartment in San Fransisco only a few months prior; Shawnee definitely seemed like a huge change of scenery. But seeing their families gather it became clear that these two have a love for all things. And the same couple that showed me their ginger hot tea recipes they found in Southeast Asia were just as excited to have the details of their family’s working garden and farm documented.

Their intentional curiosity and appreciation for all the things they observe and participate in were so clear in all the details. This day was absolutely amazing to photograph!