Romantic In Home Photo Session

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In Home Session with Madison + Jordan


This past month I was able to work with Madison & Jordan on some couple photos. Lucky for us, they happened to be watching probably the most modern home in Oklahoma, complete with a beautiful kitchen, lavish back porch, and cozy rooms.

Going into it, I was expecting the typical cute photos you see at in-home sessions, some on the couch, maybe the bed. If the kitchen is cool (which this definitely had) some in there. But that day Madison shot over some ideas she stumbled upon on Pinterest. We searched more, but couldn't find too many more of them, but it was cute as heck so we decided to go for it!

***(bathing suits were involved in this shoot)*** 

These two were natural love birds and wouldn't stop flirting with each other. That's essentially the photographer's dream, when couples can ignore the camera and just be madly in love. We got gorgeous photos throughout our time shooting, which I'll stop rambling about and let you enjoy!!


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