Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes! The reason is, setting aside any weekend is an opportunity cost of potential other clients and income. Because of that, I request a non-refunddable 50% deposit due within 3 days of booking, to allow both parties to have confidence neither side will back out. The remaining deposit is due the week before the wedding date.

Q: Do I have to pay for the digital photos?

A: No, the digital files are all yours to download and use for any personal use! If you are wanting prints made, I can order them for you and help make sure you have quality prints to use and to gift. Additionally, I also have Photo Albums available for order if you are interested in having a physical keepsake of your day!

Q: What happens if you get sick before our wedding?

A: If anything ever happens that would inhibit me from capturing your wedding, my contract states it's my duty to help assist in locating another photographer to fulfill the job for me, as much as humanly possible. Thankfully this has never happened to me, and I do everything to be healthy and available for your day, but this question has come up before and why I put it in my contract!

Q: What's your turn around time for our gallery?

A: I've never turned over a gallery over 3 months before, and generally I say a month. However, I love to under promise and over deliver, so I generally say 3 - 4 months, in case something tragic arises or other circumstances come up. I promise I don't sit on galleries, and I'm working tirelessly to get you your photos!

Q: Is there any tips you have for our day?

A: I really want to capture your day in your element, meaning as little posed or  adjusted as possible. However, there's somethings I've learned I'd love to share, so you can have the best possible photos of the moments surrounding your big day! I'd love to go over timelines with you, talk about tips and tricks to make sure the photos stand out, etc. I have a guide I can send, or click the button below to see my Wedding Guide!


elopements / destination weddings

Q: We're eloping on a budget, any way we can negotiate?

A: Though I typically don't negotiate on pricing, if you're going to a dream destination of mine I'd love to offer a trade for travel costs for the photo or video coverage, depending on the destination and my schedule! Never hurts to ask!

Q: What are your travel rates / requirements?

A: For the USA, I charge $0.50 / mile for weddings 100+ miles outside of zip code 73072. This covers my time commuting, and is crucial for my business to be sustainable. For weddings 300+ miles outside of 73072, I request either a plane ticket for myself + my second shooter, or compensation for gas, and of course lodging. I will take care of the food budget and any misc. costs that arise.


engagements / other

Q: How many outfits can we bring? How many locations can we go to?

A: I'm usually not picky on the number of these shoots. I usually say I'm down for up to an hour of travel to and from, and would shoot 1 - 2 hours. Whatever we can fit in there, let's make it happen! But most of all, I stress collaborating on this. Let's make this shoot rock! Whether it's an epic location, or something totally random and fun, I want this to stand out.

Q: How many photos will we receive and when can we expect them?

A: Once again, under promise and over deliver! I say I will provide 50 images and get them to you within a month, but in most cases it's way more images and quite a bit faster than a month. If you're in a rush for Wedding Invitations going into production, etc. I can rush edit the gallery for an additional cost!



Q: What does Wedding Coverage look like for video?

A: Usually I'll be shadowing your wedding photographer, but occasionally going off and grabbing my own shots. Most of what I capture will be from a fly-on-the-wall perspective, but I would request 15-25 minutes with just the couple, usually after the photographer is done, to get some shots.

Q: What are the deliverables?

A: I will deliver a 6-10 minute highlight video of your big day, as well as an early 1 minute teaser for you to share! These will be put on my Vimeo account for you to share / look at, but I will also deliver a USB drive with the files on there as well! Projects will be turned over within three months, and the 1 minute teaser will be shared within one. Rush edits can be ordered for an additional cost!