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what I use



For those fellow photographers and gear heads, or maybe clients that just like knowing your contracted photographer is prepared, here is all the juicy info on what I use and how I like to use it!

+Nikon D850

I just purchased this beauty, and I'm so in love with where it's brought my work! The ability shoot in low light scenarios has really helped with wedding receptions and given me the opportunity to shoot more into dusk, which leads to incredibly even skin tones on my subject.

+ Nikon D750

This body has been my go to for years. Through countless weddings, projects, rain and sun, falling, sand getting inside; it's been a workhorse that I pushed through my first years in the business. I still swear by it!

+ Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art Lens - the hype is real! This 35mm not only allows me to work in low light situations, but it also gives me full range to play with depth of field, and gives me the environmental feel I love about portraits with its crop.

+ Nikon 105mm Macro - taking detail shots at weddings has never been so much fun without this lens! It's incredibly steady and the focus is amazing. You'll see the 4 c's in your diamond with this lens!

+ Nikon 70-200mm Tele - during ceremony time I'll throw this "dad lens" on. It's insanely clear and gives me so much range, letting me get up close to capture the bride & groom holding hands, putting on rings, and going in for the kiss; all without me blocking crowds. 

+ notable mentions: Nikon 20mm (landscapes and environmental photos), Nikon 50mm (nifty fifty), and Nikon 24-70mm (great for the unexpected).


I only use a single on camera flash when I need to during receptions and events. Though speed lights and fancy set ups might give you the look you're wanting, I prefer a filmy, photojournalist look that my single on-camera flash gun provides. With my camera body set up and lenses, I rarely need more than just it to get the images I want, and it allows me to stay true to my style.