Wedding Day Guide


+++ Tips & Tricks for when you say I do +++



Choosing when for your big day is so crucial for the best light, and the best photos! Once again, this is all advice, not "must do's", however, lighting can set the atmosphere as well and create stunning moments for everyone to enjoy!

First off, I always recommend doing a First Look. Why? You'll be able to have that special moment for just you two to share, you will have sunlight guaranteed for it, and be able to get the group photos + couple photos, maybe even some family photos, all done before the ceremony! That will take stress of your plate post-ceremony and let you go straight into celebrating at the reception!

Secondly, I recommend starting your ceremony at least an hour before sunset. It sounds nice to do it at sunset, but you'll want plenty of lighting for any photos you want after! Plus, sometimes ceremonies can get started late, and it's great giving yourself time to relax instead of worrying about whether it'll get dark.




Outdoor venues are always preferred, but if weather is intimidating and you want an indoor venue, look for lots of windows and natural light! Even in bridal suites (usually the first room to be ignored by venues), how many windows will affect your photos more than you can imagine. IF you're sold on a church, or a darker venue, I can use my flash to give some stellar images, but I tend to lean towards an old school film look with those instead of a 90's glamour lit photo. If you like film like myself, we'll be a perfect fit! If you want something more technical, I have some photographers more gifted in that area than myself. 


tips / tricks

One helpful tip is assigning someone to clean up the room when you get ready. As fun as it is to snack and party, and please do lots of that, you probably don't want the Dorito bag in the background! Also, if you are wanting to drink, be sure to have nice champagne / whiskey glasses for your party. They will photograph a lot better than red solo cups and make shift glasses.

Another key element that can help create some stellar images is making sure lights are turned off (yes it will help the photos, pinky promise), and you're getting ready near a window. The natural light coming in from windows is always a safe bet for some great portraits!

Exchanging letters or gifts before also gives the opportunity for a sweet moment for you to cherish, and more imagery to be captured of your day!

Lastly, for exits, glow sticks  never show well in photos. If you can't do sparklers, I highly recommend confetti! At night, reflective silver or gold confetti will show up well in pictures and will be plenty of fun to run through!