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Wedding Photography

Documentary wedding photography

There's going to be a lot of big moments on your wedding day.

But there's also going to be a hundred little ones that fly by you before you can even notice! Everyone says their wedding is a blur, I'm here to help capture it all so you can look back on it and have something to remember it by. The hugs with family members, terrible jokes from your dad, the silly moment with your flower girls and especially, all the laughs with your now fiancé; I'm on the lookout for all these moments.

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my promise to you:

  • honor your story
  • love on you where you're at
  • dance with you
  • cry with you
  • quote the Office too much around you
  • ask so many question about how you two met,
  • be 100% present on your big day
  • make sure you're comfortable with the camera
  • be on the look out for all the small precious moments
  • be open and honest about myself
  • invite vulnerability with my work
  • keep learning about my craft
  • keep trying to be a better photographer
  • make sure we have fun

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